How To Check Whether You Have Hired Reliable Movers Or Not

Relocating can be stressful enough. You need to settle into a new place and start things off. The last thing you want is your stuff to be lost, damaged, or stolen. Moving from one location to another is a task that can be both complicated and risky. In recent years, there has been a large increase in the number of people who have been getting poor service from some of the movers that they have hired.

That is why you need to hire reliable movers in Toronto or wherever you live. But how do you choose one? This article will look at different ways you can go about singling out the authentic and reliable movers. So, without any more talking, let’s have a look.

Moving Estimations

Majority of the reputable moving companies will offer free in-home estimates. Choosing a mover that only provides price quotes online is risky because the quote may not be specific enough for your needs or they may not provide specific information. Find a mover who is willing to come and talk to you in order to determine and clarify what you need and want out of the move so that everyone understands and agrees upon how it will be done.

Customer Support

Asking a moving company if they have a dedicated customer service line solves a lot of problems for you as a client because it will reveal information about certain aspects of how the company operates. One essential piece of information you’ll want to ascertain is whether the movers have hard-and-fast deadlines.

Another key question to ask is whether or not your single point of contact will also be your main representative from beginning to end – particularly important to ensure a smooth experience for yourself during this inevitably stressful time.

Their Recent Upgrades & Technologies

Before you hire the movers in Toronto, ask them questions about the last upgrade and technology they brought in their moving services. It tells a lot about how much they care about their moving services and moving experience. These upgrades could be anything such as buying new tools and equipment to facilitate the move, buying new spacious trucks, increasing the number of movers, etc.

Talking about the technologies, it could be anything such as a GPS tracking system, a moving application, hydraulic lifting, and particulate lifters on the moving trucks and vans.

So, these were the three things you have to check when hiring movers. Apart from the aforementioned information, you need to ensure that your prospective movers are licensed, insured, and are meeting all the legal requirements to work as a mover.

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