How to calculate ROI from buying instagram followers?

With over 1 billion monthly active users, Instagram offers an unparalleled opportunity to connect with potential customers. The strategy growing in popularity is buying Instagram followers. While some argue against the authenticity of purchased followers, others have found this tactic tremendously beneficial for their brand when done strategically. If you’re considering buying followers to help grow your Instagram marketing strategy, calculating the return on investment is crucial for assessing the true impact on your bottom line.

Define your campaign goals

Before making any marketing investment, clearly define what you hope to achieve. Buying Instagram followers typically serves one of these three overarching goals.

  1. Increase Brand Awareness – Increasing followers improves brand visibility and discovery. Often people want to look more established as a primary goal.
  2. Drive Traffic – More followers mean more potential visitors to drive to your website, online store, etc. The aim is higher traffic numbers.
  3. Boost Engagement – Some purchase followers specifically to trigger the “social proof” psychological effect. More followers and likes suggest your brand is credible and popular, which increases real engagement rates.

You may identify with one or multiple goals, but articulating exactly what you want to accomplish is key for measuring success later.

Calculate the expected follower retention rate 

When you buy Instagram followers, you won’t keep every single one forever. Over time, some will inevitably unfollow you. The higher quality services retain over 60% indefinitely, while lower quality followers tend to have much higher unfollow rates. Any service you consider should have a good retention rate.

Monitor your analytics 

The most accurate way to quantify ROI is by closely tracking real data from your Instagram account analytics either before or during your follower-buying campaign.

  • Follower count – Track weekly new followers gained or lost to quantify retention.
  • Reach and impressions – Indicates how many more people saw your content.
  • Website traffic – Monitor visits driven through Instagram to identify increases.
  • Engagement rate – Calculate engagement rates to see changes. Views, likes, and comments are divided by followers.
  • Mentions and tags – More word-of-mouth about your brand suggests raised awareness.

Depending on your campaign goals, dig into the data that matters most whether it’s real followers retained, website traffic increases, or higher engagement rates. Analyzing these metrics is vital for accurately calculating your ROI.

Calculate ROI

With clear goals defined, expected retention rates researched, analytics monitored, and secondary benefits considered, it’s time to start quantifying your overall ROI from Buy Instagram Followers on

Plug in the actual dollar values from your campaign into this equation.

  • Gain from investment – This equates to the revenue, traffic, engagement, or awareness value driven by the extra followers. Calculate this number based on real website conversions, engagement metrics, and reach increases tracked in your analytics. Apply dollar figures based on what those metrics are worth to your business.
  • Cost of investment – Quality providers focus solely on driving authentic engagement to real human accounts.

Gaining followers alone means little. Costs must be linked to real business impact to merit the costs. Define goals, track quantifiable metrics, and look beyond vanity metrics alone when evaluating success.