Bulk bags for all your storage and transportation needs

Bulk bags are a great asset to the agricultural industry. Many agricultural products are designed for use in animal or human feed, so non-chemical bags that are guaranteed to be safe in food products make transporting these products easier and less stressful. Larger bags are helpful in the food processing industry because most of the food that is shipped is the product of dry piles. Bulk bags are ideal to transport food products in bulk. Products used in the chemical industry can be dangerous, but bulk bags come in a variety of materials to carry hazardous substances and reduce the risk of constant shock.

These bags are most often made of thick woven strands of oriented polypropylene, either coated or uncoated, and normally measure around 45–48 inches in diameter. These bags can be used for shipping or carrying bulk products weighing somewhere between 500 kgs to 2000 kgs, both in dry form as well as liquid form.  These bags can hold weights of any material or products thousands of times heavier than their own weight. These big bags are the best substitute for cartons, paper, plastic, and PP woven sacks.

Types of bulk bags

Bulk bags are very useful and important for industrial operations, construction, and chemical operations. In the agro-industry, where maintaining the freshness of products is the topmost priority, bags with customizable properties like ventilation, lamination, and liners should be used. Dry, grainy agricultural produce like beans and legumes can be conveniently handled in baffle bags. Jumbo bags are suitable for handling livestock feed and pet food, thus helping retain the nutritional value of the products.

Bulk bags with filters, work best when it comes to handling fine materials such as cement, powdered metals, and minerals such as titanium dioxide, zinc ash, cobalt powder, carbon black, and food-range powders like skimmed milk and spices

The construction industry uses these bulk bags to handle, store, and transport materials of different consistencies, like fine cement on one end of the spectrum to gravel and stone at the other end. Sturdy bulk bags are ideal for carrying heavy mining products like coal, minerals, and metal ores. Their light weight and strength make them the most durable solution for logistics in the mining industry.

When you purchase bulk bags prices become extremely flexible and affordable. The bags allow easy storage, shaping, and easy loading and unloading without finding a new solution for all single sellers.

Pacific bags to fulfill all your bulk bag needs

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