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Will you be sleeping by using a portable device close to your pillow so you will not miss some text during the night time? If you are, you're most certainly not alone. According to AOL's third annual "Email Addiction" survey, more Americans than any other time are employing portable devices to maintain an eye on email addresses through the day and night, and from virtually anywhere - bed, cars, and even in bathrooms. OK, yes... I'll level of comfort .... I'm guilty on all fronts.

Checking your email to the 5th or 50th time today?

In partnership with Opinion Research Corporation, AOL conducted online surveys craigs list 4,000 respondents age 13 and older in 20 cities round the country to measure their email usage. It showed email experience portable devices has nearly doubled since 2004, and as a result, everyone is checking email by any means hours throughout and night. Using the survey, usual email user checks mail about five times each and every day, and 59% these with portable devices are with them to take a look email if a new message arrives. Forty-three percent of email users with portable devices say they retain the device nearby should they be sleeping to concentrate for incoming mail.

Portable devices notwithstanding, 15% of Americans describe themselves as "addicted to email," and most are even planning their holidays with email access under consideration. Approximately 4 in 10 email users express it is "very" or "somewhat" crucial that you these people to think about email accessibility when they are preparing for a vacation, and 83% of email users admit to checking their mail once per day while actually on christmas.

Other significant findings I came across interesting:

Washington D.C. is most email addicted city in the country. Eighty-two percent of DC-residents have multiple email accounts -- the best section of any city on the survey. Rounding out of top ten cities enslaved email are: 2.) Atlanta; 3.) The big apple; 4.) S . f .; 5.) Houston; 6.) Are generally; 7.) Seattle; 8.) Orlando; 9.) Denver; and 10.) Miami. Yes, Denver-ites, we made the very best 10 List!

Americans are emailing anyplace. Fifty-nine percent of patients emailing from portable appliances are checking email during intercourse in while inside their pajamas; 53% during the bathroom; 37% are checking email as they drive; and 12% admit to checking email in church.

Forty-three percent of email users check their email right off the bat each day, and 40% have checked their email part way through the evening. Twenty-six percent admit to checking email at a laptop in the sack when it is in their pajamas.

60 % of individuals who use email admit to checking their personal email where you work typically 3 x each and every day. While only 15% of people who manage this step are generally "busted" by their bosses, 28% say they're guilty about it.
Working with an email addiction (we operate the term loosely):

An email addiction has less to do with curbing an obsession laptop or computer does with proper time and email management.

Organize: Make use of folders provided in most email programs to prepare messages appropriately. Simple drag and drop technology will let you file your messages by category, which enables it to help avoid repetitive communication.

Utilize Away Message: If you think compelled to fill out every email as it enters in, make use of your away message enable people know you've stepped beyond email during (or night or week), and may respond any time you return. This helps curb against expectation of immediacy.

Observe the Rule of Three: If you've got emailed back and forth with the same person on the same topic over 3 x, it should be a chance to grab the item or walk over the hall or next door this will let you conversation.

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